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A powerful checkbook for your cell phone or BlackBerry that enables you to record account transactions on the go! Whether you're in the car, at a restaurant or out shopping, with Mobile Checkbook in the palm of your hand, you will always have immediate access to your accurate account information. Say goodbye to overdraft fees!

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With Mobile Bartender in your cell phone or BlackBerry, you'll have access to hundreds of cocktail recipes! Have a favorite drink that we missed? Now you can add your own recipes to the hundreds that are already there. Make it a great night out on the town with this comprehensive cell phone drink guide!
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The #1 BlackBerry calendar companion - now updated with hundreds of new holidays and powerful tools for keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important events!
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Based on Mobatech's best-selling Mobile Checkbook software, MobaMoney allows Sony Ericsson customers to keep track of their money on the go. In addition to the many powerful personal accounting features found in Mobile Checkbook, MobaMoney includes support for multiple currencies.
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They're easy to use and they stick! eNotes revolutionizes the note taking experience on cell phones by allowing users to stick notes to their e-mail inbox from anywhere at anytime. Whether an urgent message or a quick reminder, eNotes helps individuals stay organized on the go.
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Mobile CheckbookTM and Mobile BartenderTM are Mobatech products.
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